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1999 Trip to Arizona

August of 1999 we took a trip from Denver, Colorado to Sedona, Arizona. Along the way we went through Four Corners, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Salt Lake City and Grand Junction. This was a long trip and took nearly two weeks. Not many Passes and Divides in Arizona and Utah.

Poncha Pass, Colorado Poncha Pass is near Salida, Colorado. Have been over this pass before but had not taken a picture until this trip.
Four Corners, USA Four Corners is where Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado meet. You need to like arid country and great rock formations to enjoy this area, most of the surrounding land is reservation.
Arizona Divide - Aug.1999 We really enjoyed the mountains around Flagstaff. The Arizona Divide is just west of Flagstaff, AZ.
Vail Pass, Colorado Vail Pass is on Highway 70 just East of the town of Vail. It rained off and on all day.


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