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2001 - Trip to West Coast

Day One and Two
No pictures day one. Slow getting out of house. Wanted to go to Glenwood Springs, never sat in the mineral pools before. Got an early start out of Glenwood, lots of miles to cover. Made 534 miles the second day.
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Taken just before Utah State Line. Utah State Line. Seemed like the black clouds and rain were all around us the second day, but we never got wet.
This is where Cathy lost her heat sheild. Hwy 15 runs north-south in front of the mountains behind us. We are on Hyw. 50 and have been most the day, we just came down out of the mountains, where the big black clouds and the lightning can be seen. This was our first sunshine since early morning, the storm followed us for a couple more hours. Cathy and I never got wet, nor did we want to stop while our luck was good. Nevada State Line, on Hwy. 50. There was a car coming from both directions at the same time, it must have been rush hour. Stateline, NV was across the street and down 50 yards. This was the last place to stay for the night before Ely, we went for Ely.
It was mostly flat and arid from Hwy 15 in Utah to Ely, Nevada The traffic was light so we got to pick our speed. Spent the night in Ely, NV.

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