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2001 - Trip to West Coast

Day Three
Stopped at so many passes after leaving Ely, we had to skip some photo ops to make some time. Stopped at Carson City H-D dealer for heat shield, no go. Made it to South Lake Tahoe for the night.
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Even stopping at all these passes for pictures we made 359 miles today.
You don't think of Eastern Nevada as having mountains. It is arid though. A car coming from both directions was rush hour traffic
Austin, Nevada: Stopped for gas. For 5 years, Ed and Linda have been "living on the road" in a huge fifth wheel - Also hauling a Harley. They stopped to talk to us for awhile. Real nice people, wish them the best in there travels. They winter in Mexico and summer in the States, we liked that idea. South Lake Tahoe, taken from the motel.

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