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2001 - Trip to West Coast

Day Four and Five
Left Tahoe, took Hwy 50 to Alamo. Slow road, windy with traffic, welcome to California. I'm sure it didn't help that it was a Sunday on a main road to Tahoe from the Bay Area.
The next day we just visited and found a heat shield for Cathy's bike. Took Megan for first motorcycle ride.
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Got early start Sunday, S. Lake Tahoe is too crowded. The lake is pretty.   Carson Lake, met some riders who took our picture.
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  Stopped at Kit Carson Pass for photos
  Stopped for lunch in Jackson, CA at Jose's Mexican Restaurant. The owner, Martha, was real nice and the food was excellent. Stop and say hello.

Meghan's first motorcycle ride   Cathy with niece Meghan

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